Jillian Dillah

Executive Assistant

New York, NY

Jillian Dillah reports to the President and CEO and supports all executive office and organization-wide operations at JLUSA, cultivating quality and expediency in all work, and ensuring every team has what they need day-to-day to succeed. As a mission critical member of the JLUSA team, Jillian instills a welcoming, responsive and caring culture in the organization. Growing up in a Caribbean family with roots in Trinidad and New York, Jillian was drawn to JustLeadershipUSA because she cares about human dignity, systemic transformation and community investment, and healing justice that is informed by people most impacted by incarceration and criminalization. Jillian is a seasoned administrator with over 10 years in the field, having held positions in finance, academia and public relations. In addition to her duties at JLUSA, Jillian is active within her community and is part of the Bowery Mission which provides hot meals to homeless and disadvantaged individuals. Also a master pastry chef, Jillian graduated from Globe Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Management.