Pamela Winn


Pamela Winn is a native of Atlanta and the single mother of two sons.  She has three post-secondary degrees in nursing and is an entrepreneur. During a 78-month federal sentence for a white-collar crime, Pamela’s family was severed and she miscarried her third child while in prison.  Her career was ended and her businesses were abolished. Overcoming these adversities empowered her to be an advocate for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Pamela is a national leader and activist in promoting anti-shackling legislation. As a member of the National Advisory Board created through Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, she helped create a Bill of Rights For Incarcerated Pregnant People. Pamela is a member of the Women’s Advisory Team of Human Impact Partners, comprised of women working to end mass incarceration and public health professionals who have come together to address the social determinants of criminalization. She serves on the advisory board (Harriet’s Daughters) of Women On The Rise and is a co-founder of the newly organized Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network which promotes higher education for convicted people. She is the founder of RestoreHER and organizes women directly impacted by incarceration, criminal conviction, and trauma. Under her leadership, RestoreHER is currently spearheading a campaign for #DIGNITY For Incarcerated Women GA. 

Pamela Winn was invited to the White House for the first Prison Reform Summit where she spoke on women’s Issues. She’s a 2018 Errin J. Vuley Fellow with the Feminist Women’s Health Center and completed a 2017 Fellowship with the JustLeadershipUSA Leading With Conviction Program.