Jessica Zarling


Jessica Zarling works and volunteers with the Berean Family Worship Center in Milwaukee where she provides Biblical guidance, support, and knowledge in pro social skills to youth to keep them free from the criminal justice system. She meets with two prison ministries and shares what was most helpful to her while she was incarcerated. She has spoken at the Wisconsin Women’s Resource Center and shared her recovery journey, and she continues to stay connected with the women who are in, providing support and advocacy. Jessica is working towards a Master’s Degree in counseling to further her advocacy.

After enduring years of an abusive marriage combined with alcohol addiction, Jessica went from victim to perpetrator in the blink of an eye and spent nine years in prison. Like most survivors of domestic violence, Jessica had already tried leaving many times.  It took many years for her to forgive herself for becoming the violent woman she had become and the impact it had on her two daughters. Between her former prison of being in an abusive marriage and the judicial system separating her from her children, Jessica thought all was lost.  But Jesus stepped in and showed her her life still had worth. Today she has a testimony of triumph as she continues to use the hardships of the past to help others.   Jessica has a progressive vision of wiser, more cost-effective ways to rehabilitate hurting and broken people. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost, providing treatment, and investing in education, rather than incarceration, will result in a better future USA.