For the 70 million people living with a criminal record in the U.S., the penalties of a conviction last far beyond the sentence. The #WORKINGfuture campaign is committed to eliminating the devastating barriers to health, housing, and work while restoring basic human dignity to all.

There are at least 45,000 laws or statutes that restrict and diminish the lives and redemptive potential of people with a record.

Led by JustLeadershipUSA, and in partnership with directly impacted communities, the #WORKINGfuture campaign seeks to eliminate the barriers to employment that people with records are facing. The #WORKINGfuture campaign builds power within and among impacted communities to challenge legislative barriers that exclude people from the future they deserve, and transform the narrative about the lifelong impacts of collateral consequences on people, families, and communities.

For more information on the #WORKINGfuture Campaign, contact Megan French-Marcelin at: megan@justleadershipusa.org

There are thousands of unfair, unnecessary, & unjust barriers keeping people from meaningful employment. All workers have a right to earn a wage that allows them to support themselves and their families, and to build economic mobility. Rhode Island urgently needs occupational licensing reform if we are to create a #WORKINGfuture for all.


The #WORKINGfuture campaign is led by people with records organizing to challenge and remove the devastating policies that create barriers and exclude us from employment, food access, housing, voting, and other basic human and civil rights. We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable basic services, safety in their communities, and dignity in their lives — no matter where we live or what our record states.

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The New Standard of Economic Justice

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The mass criminalization of our communities is nothing new. Check out our historical timeline of the modern era of mass criminalization beginning in 1960.

Everyone deserves a #WORKINGfuture

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We believe that narrative story telling is a powerful tool which can sway public opinion and create the political environment to pass legislation that begins to truly affect the lives of people directly impacted by systems of mass criminalization.

As a coalition, we have created a survey that we hope you will share with your networks. The survey is designed to gather information about the experiences of formerly incarcerated people and people with convictions with collateral consequences. We hope to use the results to generate a multimedia story-telling platform that can begin to convey why it is urgent to expand and automate expungement.

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Join us for a 10-part webinar series on our #WORKINGfuture campaign’s Bill of Rights for Criminalized Workers

Watch the first three below:

The Right to Human Dignity and People-First Language The Right to Earn A Living Wage The Right to Education and Access to Technology