#FREEnewyork is a grassroots campaign launched in 2017 to achieve real solutions to New York’s statewide jail crisis.

#FREEnewyork is building the power and leadership of New Yorkers most harmed by incarceration, and demanding bold legislative action and fundamental change to New York’s pretrial system.


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Anchored by JustLeadershipUSA and led by people directly impacted by mass incarceration, grassroots groups and more than 150 organizations statewide, the #FREEnewyork campaign demands groundbreaking overhaul of New York State’s bail, discovery and speedy trial laws.

25,000 New Yorkers languish in jails across the state on any given day. Nearly 70% are not convicted, but are incarcerated as they await their day in court. The cost of caging New Yorkers in county jails is nearly $2.5 billion per year. New York’s jail crisis disproportionately criminalizes Black & brown people, communities of color, and low-income people. This is not justice and #FREEnewyork is fighting back.

We fight for a New York that invests in communities, not incarceration, and prioritizes the freedom of all people. We believe in the power of directly impacted people to transform systems and redefine justice.

No one should be jailed because they cannot afford bail. No one should wait months or years for trial. No one should be denied critical evidence about their case.

We demand passage of the most progressive bail and discovery legislation in the country to ensure that people have access to critical evidence about their case, decarcerate jails, protect Due Process rights, eliminate race & wealth based jailing and prevent the use of harmful replacements like algorithmic risk assessment tools, broad preventative detention, punitive supervised release and mass community surveillance.  


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#FREEnewyork, led by JustLeadershipUSA, in partnership with organizations and directly

impacted communities, is building statewide power to demand fundamental change. Download to read what we believe:

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